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Kalashnikov: Promoting peace and calm

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Found this rather interesting article about the “rebranding” of the Kalashnikov Concern. For all the horrible things that this device has been used for, it has also defended far more than it has enslaved. THAT is why Mikhail Kalashnikov invented the damn thing!

I will freely admit that I love mine dearly. Much more accurate than they are supposed to be, plenty of power to take down a feral hog or a deer, it is a very useful firearm. And perfectly serviceable if the SHTF. Russia makes a very good rifle, at a very good price.

Also from the KC are the Baikal and Izhmash brands of specifically sporting and competition firearms.

Kalashnikov Concern was created by a merger of the Kalashnikov brand, Baikal hunting rifles and Izhmash sports rifles. Kalashnikov Concern plans to release a range of sportswear and knives as well as its traditional lines of weaponry…

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