Do the Math – Count the cash

I really enjoyed the read and storyline. Everyone should just do a little due diligence and see what is happening is not man’s work. The politicizing is what man is doing on this subject for profits , power and control.

Watts Up With That?

Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the color of money: A true religious experience

Guest essay by Paul Driessen and Dennis Mitchell

Some years ago, a telegenic televangelist built quite an empire, before publicly falling from grace and adopting a less opulent life style. But back then he liked big homes and Lear jets with Rolls Royce engines and, even though Dennis’s lab primarily did environmental monitoring, his chief pilot came there because he needed demanding analyses on the methanol fuels he used for extra thrust.

The lab did the analyses uneventfully for several months, until it discovered an unpaid invoice. When Dennis inquired about it, the pilot said, “Sometimes he doesn’t pay certain bills, because the Lord told him people could contribute to the ministry in that fashion.” Dennis told him that was OK, but the next time one of those private jets is taking off and the pilot hits…

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